What is renewable energy?

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Renewable Energy in Malaysia: Types and Benefits

Energy sources are categorized into two primary types: renewable energy types and non renewable energy types. Solar Boost, as a specialist in solar panel installation in Malaysia, is a company that promotes the use of renewable energy types especially for heating and electricity.

If you are currently searching for “how solar works” or looking for a trusted solar panel installer in your area in Malaysia, then you are probably considering the importance of renewable energy.

Solar energy, however, is just one type of renewable energy source. Listed below are more examples and benefits of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Types and Renewable Energy Examples

  • Solar
    Solar energy is energy derived from the sun. This renewable energy type is obtained through solar panel installations and solar thermal systems. One of the many benefits of solar energy is that consumers can become completely independent from the public utility grid and save considerably on electricity costs. A solar battery may be used to store surplus energy as backup.Hydroelectric
  • Hydroelectric
    Hydroelectric energy is derived from the gravitational pull of the sun on water so that electricity can be generated upon demand.
  • Wind power
    Changes in the earth’s atmosphere can occur due to absence or lack of sufficient heating. When harnessed by turbines, wind can be converted into energy or electricity. With the various advantages of renewable energy, utilizing wind power can reduce consumers’ reliable on fossil fuels and natural gas for heating and electricity.
  • Biomass
    Also known as bioenergy, biomass generates energy from the organic matter including plants and animals. One example is burning trees to generate heat.
  • Geothermal energy
    The earth’s heat can be harnessed to generate electricity through geothermal sources. This is one of several renewable energy technologies being used today in manufacturing industries as well as in agriculture.

Why is Renewable Energy Important?

The use of renewable energy sources is crucial since the replenishment of non renewable energy types such as coal and oil can take a long time. Conversely, renewable energy examples are renewable and sustainable — meaning, they can be replenished easily without considerably hurting the environment.

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Renewable energy advantages are several — you get the convenience of electricity and heating without using up much of the earth’s dwindling, non renewable sources.

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