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With the costs of solar installation steadily decreasing, more and more homeowners are switching to residential solar energy.

But is it really a wise idea to install solar panels for a solar power system for home? And how much do the best solar panels cost? After installation, does a domestic solar power require huge maintenance efforts? Solar Boost is your easy solution to a solar panel installation for your home. Whether you prefer an on grid solar system that allows you incentives like the Net Energy Metering or NEM or an off grid solar system that assures you total independence from rising utility costs, we can help.

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Home Solar System in Malaysia: What You Need to Know

Before you start checking out various solar panel brands and solar panel suppliers across the peninsula, it helps to know first whether your space has what it takes to accommodate a successful and efficient home solar system. Some considerations to look into are:

  • Roofing stability and home structural integrity
    Is your roof sturdy enough to accommodate solar panels? Are there trees or structures around the property that can potentially affect solar absorption? Are you looking to renovate your home in a few years’ time? If yes, perhaps you may want to hold off on the home solar system kit yet.
  • Home solar system cost
    Although the prices for a home solar system in Malaysia are no longer as expensive as the used to be, cost remains to be a huge factor in putting up solar panels for home. With options available for ownership or leasing as well as the alternative of a solar farm, having your own solar system at home need not be daunting, budget-wise.
  • Location
    The location of your home can dictate whether you will be better off with an off grid or or grid system, or even a hybrid of the two. Despite these considerations, you can always take advantage of a good home solar system in Malaysia. The right supplier or installer can easily accomplish the job for you.

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We can make sure that your home is up to the challenge of an efficient domestic solar power system. Our team of suppliers, installers, and professional maintenance personnel can look into your home solar system in Malaysia at your most convenient time.

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