What is Off-grid System?

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Understanding an Off-Grid Solar System

When it comes to installing your own solar PV in Malaysia, you have a choice among three main types of solar power systems. These are the hybrid system, on grid solar system, and off grid solar system. These various systems require different types of installation materials and solar panel supplier expertise.

If you’re looking for a solar equipment supplier in Malaysia, Solar Boost is your trusted ally. Not only can we show you the difference between on grid and off grid solar system, we can also assist you in finding the best off grid solar system packages.

To start off, let’s review some essential off grid solar system meanings and the basic characteristics that make up a typical off grid solar system design.

What is an Off-Grid Solar System?

An off grid solar system is a type of solar photovoltaic system that is not connected to the publicly available electricity grid. Some solar energy systems rely primarily on solar panels for power but are not completely independent from the grid. This is done for several reasons; first, to have a backup source during less-than-ideal weather conditions and second, for consumers to be able to export excess solar energy back into the grid for a feed-in-tariff.

With an off grid solar system, however, you rely on a solar battery as backup since you are not connected to the public utility grid. Due to this non-reliance on the grid, off grid systems are also known as stand-alone power systems.

The benefits in going off grid are several, including protection from power outages and being committed in your efforts at helping the environment. And despite the considerable cost involved in installing a stand-alone system, a trusted solar panel Malaysia supplier can help you get the most out of your investment.

Looking for the Right Solar Panel Malaysia Supplier? Let Solar Boost Be Your Guide

For those who have not had any experience with solar installation, differentiating between on grid and off grid systems can be tough to handle. Thankfully, Solar Boost is here to assist you with your concerns.

Whether you need a system tied up to the grid or one that is completely independent from traditional electrical sources, we can help. Solar Boost can also help you evaluate the best hybrid systems for your unique needs.

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