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Purchasing Micro Inverters for Reliable Solar Power Systems

A solar power system in Malaysia, or anywhere else, cannot run without an inverter. Typically, a standard solar inverter will be installed for each string or array of solar panels.

However, efficiency problems — especially if the other panels are unable to absorb enough solar energy due to shading or debris — can easily occur with string solar inverters. If you need a more efficient alternative to standard solar inverters, micro inverters may just be the type for you. Here at Solar Boost, we have a selection of micro inverter models from some of the most excellent inverter brands around.

From product availability to installation and maintenance, Solar Boost is your trusted supplier of premium-grade micro inverter models from various partner brands and manufacturers in Malaysia.

How Micro Inverters Maximize Solar Output

Not to be confused with string solar inverters, micro inverters work alongside each solar panel installation, optimizing the DC-to-AC electricity conversion per panel instead of a string of several panels.

With one micro inverter circuit working on one specific panel, efficiency is maximized, despite any potential of shading or debris contact to the other panels.

In terms of micro inverter vs string inverter initial cost, micro inverters are often more expensive. Nonetheless, their ability to optimize electricity conversion more than compensates for the high initial cost. To ensure that you get the best out of your micro inverter solar panel kits, you need to choose one that’s carried by trusted brands or manufacturers.

Entrust Your Solar System to Dependable Solar Micro Inverter Manufacturers

Solar Boost makes sure that you get access to some of the finest micro inverter brands in the Malaysian and global markets. Many of the manufacturers we work with are top-name brands in the solar PV system business, producing equipment and devices such as inverters, solar charge controllers, panels, and batteries.

Whether you need micro inverter battery or solar panels with micro inverters built in, we have your back. Our mission is to provide you with an easy access to the best solar inverters, such as micro inverters and hybrid inverters, in the business.

Looking for Micro Inverters at Good Prices? Find them at Solar Boost, Now

According to solar manufacturers and experts, micro inverters can potentially improve power outputs by as much as 25%. When used for a long period of time, this efficiency percentage is definitely no small number.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your string solar inverter, micro inverters may just be the answer for you.
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