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Have you always wanted to install solar panels in Sarawak but are being held back by a lack of information? What are the concrete benefits in installing a solar power system in Malaysia?

Will this be an expensive investment? Here at Solar Boost, we attempt to answer your most pressing questions. We can also supply you with the right solar products and brands and help install your new system at the soonest time possible.

What are the Benefits in Installing Solar Panels in Sarawak?

Solar energy remains to be one of the most viable and sustainable sources of renewable energy in Sarawak or anywhere in Malaysia. While there are other renewable energy sources, such as wind energy or geothermal energy, solar power is considered to be the most sustainable and reliable. If you’re planning to harness Sarawak energy from the sun, you need to install reliable and hardworking solar panels. Some of the benefits in installing solar panels in Sarawak are the following:

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly electricity source
    By using a solar PV system in Malaysia, you are obtaining energy from a renewable and highly sustainable source — the sun! Compared to using fossil fuels and natural gas, a solar photovoltaic system does not emit pollution or hurt the environment.
  • Energy/electricity savings
    Through the net energy metering (NEM) scheme, you can obtain significant energy savings even as you connect to the public utility grid. Other renewable energy sources such as Sarawak wind energy can also be cost-saving, but this can be dependent heavily on climate and location.
  • Availability of flexible systems
    Whether you prefer to stay connected to the grid or to be completely independent from it, you always have a choice. An off grid solar system is great if you want to go completely eco- friendly. But if you prefer to generate electricity savings and have utility support at the same time, an on grid solar system is more ideal.With solar panels in Sarawak, complete reliance on the national utility grid can be a thing of the past. All it takes is having the right system, a reliable installer, and proper maintenance throughout the life span of your solar PV system.

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