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Buying an MPPT Solar Charge Controller in Malaysia

Specifically known for its function in Maximum Power Point Tracking, which also spells out the acronym itself, an MPPT solar charge controller is a type of solar charge controller ideal for a variety of high-power commercial and residential solar energy systems.

An MPPT solar charge controller circuit is designed to harness more power from a solar PV system, allowing you to get the most out of your solar panel installation.

If you’re planning to purchase a solar charge controller for your solar power system in Malaysia, you will do well to pick the best MPPT solar charge controllers available from Solar Boost. We provide MPPT charge controller circuits and models from a selection of trusted brands in the solar installation market.

How Does an MPPT Solar Charge Controller Work?

For a solar panel installation in Malaysia that relies on batteries, one of its crucial components is the charge controller. The charge controller is responsible for the proper and consistent regulation of power coming from the panels and into the batteries.

An MPPT controller, however, offers distinct advantages including its ability to convert extra voltage into more amperage. This consequently results in a higher watt output. These benefit of an MPPT controller make them highly ideal for many off-grid solar systems, or those that don’t rely on the grid.

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Solar charge controllers come in many types, with the MPPT being one of the most efficient although slightly more expensive choice in the market.

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