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Buying a Solar Battery for your Solar Panel Installation in Malaysia

If you have long planned to go off-grid on your solar power system, one of your most important investments will be a solar battery. Without a good solar battery system, including a solar battery bank and a solar battery charger, low solar panel absorption can have your system running low on electricity. Solar batteries for home — and even for commercial and industrial uses — should be a priority buy.

If you’re searching for good brands and manufacturers of solar batteries, Solar Boost can match you with some of the most trusted names in the market. Solar battery prices may vary, but your choice ultimately has to depend on the kind of solar system you have.

Here at Solar Boost, we like to make sure that your off grid systems or hybrid systems are equipped with efficient and ideal-capacity batteries.

Whether you’re putting up a solar power system for home or a solar PV system for commercial purposes, off grid and hybrid set-ups always require batteries working at their peak efficiency.

Factors to Consider When Buying Batteries from a Solar Supplier in Malaysia

When purchasing batteries for your solar installation, the following factors are crucial:

  • Efficiency
    An efficient battery allows you to make use of its highest possible power capacity, considering the energy it was able to absorb during charging.
  • Manufacturer reputation
    Not all solar panel manufacturers and solar battery brands are created equal. Some manufacturers use active lead while others make use of recycled lead, which can affect performance. Some brands produce lead-acid batteries, while others produce lithium ion solar batteries.
  • Warranty
    The warranty illustrates the level of capacity loss that a solar battery will sustain after a specific number of years. With some batteries, capacity loss may be at 30% after 10 years or 50% after 15 years, depending on manufacturer guarantee.
  • Power storage capacity
    Power capacity points to the level of storage that a battery can accommodate over a period of time. Power also means the level of electricity that a battery can put out when in use.

Find Good Solar Battery Products Here at Solar Boost

You need not go far to find the right battery systems for your solar panel installation in Malaysia.

Solar Boost can help you in your search, purchase, and installation of solar battery solutions wherever in the peninsula you may be.

Don’t go anywhere else for your battery needs. Solar Boost is your ultimate guide and supplier of everything solar. Contact us for a quote today.