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Once you have decided to install a solar PV system in your home or office, system size considerations will be your next priority. With various system sizes available, how do you pick one that works for you or your household?

Solar Boost can guide you into making the right decisions. Some of the things you need to factor into your choice are your household/office electricity usage, location, and budget.

With the best system size in place, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start gaining the many benefits of solar energy right away.

Which Solar System Size Is Best for You?

The following are just some of the solar system sizes available from a solar installation company like Solar Boost.

  • 4KW Solar System Malaysia

    A 4KW solar system is typically composed of anywhere from thirteen to sixteen solar panels. This system can cater to a small family where electricity requirements are not too high. If you’re not sure whether this system size is for you, get in touch with our solar experts here at Solar Boost.

  • 5KW Solar System Malaysia

    With a 5KW solar system in Malaysia, you may need to install as few as fifteen solar panels or as many as eighteen solar panels. With its bigger system size, it can be more expensive to install than the 4KW solar system in Malaysia. The 5KW solar system is better suited for medium-sized households or large families with bigger electricity needs.

  • 10KW Solar System Malaysia

    Regardless of the choice between monocrystalline vs polycrystalline solar panels, a 10KW solar system in Malaysia can cater to a big family with a daily electricity usage of 20kW. The number of solar panels needed for this system can be anywhere from 31 solar panels to 40 solar panels in Malaysia.

  • 12KW Solar System Malaysia

    One of the more expansive solar system sizes is the 12KW solar system in Malaysia. This solar investment may require anywhere from 36 to 44 solar panels as installation.

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If you’re unsure as to which solar system size is best, consult with us at Solar Boost. Although you may prefer a 4KW solar system size due to its considerably lower cost, it may not necessarily be what you need. Solar panels for your house should be sufficient in catering to the electricity needs of the entire household.

Knowing the price for your solar system in Malaysia is important. But, just as crucial is for you to know which system size to go for. And if you don’t have sufficient roof space, you can always go for solar farms instead.

Planning to make a solar investment in Malaysia? Make sure that you pick the right size.

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