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Investing in Off-Grid Inverters for Your Off-Grid Solar System in Malaysia

Anyone putting up off-grid solar power systems anywhere will need efficient off-grid inverters to manage the power coming from solar PV systems into the batteries.

If you’re planning to purchase an off-grid inverter for your home or establishment, Solar Boost can help you with your task.

The benefits of an off-grid solar system whether in Malaysia or anywhere include being independent from utility power outages and truly adapting a sustainable, eco-friendly means at consuming electricity. To accomplish this, an inverter is necessary to convert DC power into AC electricity for your home or establishment. An on grid solar inverter is also needed for grid-tiedsolar systems with additional battery backup.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Off-Grid Inverters:

What are some of the considerations in buying a solar inverter, specifically those which are designed for off-grid systems?

  • Off-grid inverter sizing
    Inverters come in different sizes. Knowing how much electricity you need on a regular basis will allow you to find the right inverter at the most optimal size.
  • Manufacturer reputation
    Off-grid inverters are among the most hardworking inverters around, especially because they work for utility-independent systems. This makes a reliable manufacturer extra important.
  • Pure sine wave as an option
    With pure sine wave able to deliver optimal power output without potentially damaging certain types of appliances, you may also want to settle for this type of off grid inverter.
  • Performance and efficiency
    Finally, it pays to know how efficient an inverter can be through its peak efficiency output, surge capacities, and temperature resilience. Some of the best off grid inverters can reach an efficiency rating of as much as 96% or more.If it’s your first time to put up a grid-independent solar PV system, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Solar Boost is here to assist you with all your inverter concerns across locations in Malaysia.

To know more about an off grid inverter meaning, check out types of solar inverters here.

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When it comes to off-grid inverters, you need a good product from a trusted manufacturer. Setting up a good inverter also means choosing a reliable solar panel installer.

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