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Our Solar Boost team of solar power system professionals in Malaysia has compiled a ready list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers which can help with your efforts at installing an efficient solar photovoltaic system. By knowing which solar energy questions to ask, you can save yourself some needless troubles down the road. Reading up on anything about solar from reliable sources can also broaden your knowledge of various types of renewable energy and benefits of solar energy.

You can also share these solar energy quiz questions to anyone interested in solar panel installation for their homes or businesses.

Enumerated below are some of these pertinent solar FAQs:

Can I increase the size of my system in the future?

Yes. In fact, consumers are increasing the sizes of their systems for many reasons. Your initial solar calculation in terms of capacity may no longer serve your present electricity requirements. Or, you may have invested in oversized solar inverters and are planning to use them at full capacity. You can add more panels as necessary or as your location or roofing requirements permit.

Do solar panels work in a blackout?

Strictly speaking, solar panels are not reliant on the grid. This means that a blackout (from the grid) will not affect the way that solar panels work. However, your electricity supply may be affected by a blackout if your solar panel installation is still connected to the grid, as is the case with an on grid solar system. If, for example, you rely on the grid at night and a blackout occurs, you will definitely not have access to any electrical source unless you have solar battery backup.

How do I check the performance of my solar system?

You may monitor the performance of your solar PV system for the last twelve months through your inverter. If you’re unsure about this, you may consult with solar panel installers, specifically the ones responsible for your own residential or commercial installation.

How long does an average installation take?

An average solar panel installation may take anywhere from one to three days, assuming that all permits and solar equipment are already in place. While this is the average installation time, it may be shorter or longer depending on factors such as location, the availability of certain solar panels brands, and many others.

How long is the wait between booking and installation?

Between booking and installation, the process can take weeks to months. Typically, the entire process will include general site visits, procurement of permits, incentive application, purchasing necessary solar equipment, and scheduling the installation itself. If you need to know more about this process, contact us at Solar Boost now.

How much roof space is required?

There is no hard and fast rule as to the roof space requirement for solar panels. This will be dependent on your electricity requirements and system capacity or size. Solar Boost can help determine whether your roofing has the capability to accommodate the solar system size you need.

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

The benefits of solar energy are several. It is a clean source of energy since it does not produce harmful emissions. It also does not deplete the earth’s resources since it uses the fully-available energy of the sun. With a solar PV system, moreover, you can take advantage of the Net Energy Metering or NEM scheme of the Malaysian government through SEDA. This allows you to save on electricity costs even as you stay connected to the grid. In recent years, moreover, the cost of installing solar panels has also decreased significantly in Malaysia and overseas.

What is a grid connected solar system?

A grid connected solar system is one which uses solar panels for solar energy generation but also stays connected to the utility grid as a supplementary source of electricity on days when solar energy is insufficient or nonexistent.

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