Residential Solar Panel Installation

Mount your reliable home solar system with the help of our professional installers.

On Grid Solar Systems

Enjoy the benefits of solar energy while having the security of a utility grid connection.

Off Grid Solar Systems

Go truly eco-friendly by opting for a standalone solar energy system.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Enjoy the best of both systems — stay connected to the grid while having sufficient battery backup.

Commercial Solar Installation

Give your business a unique solar advantage through our best solar panels brands.

A dependable solar photovoltaic system begins with the right solar equipment and proper installation. Regardless of the specific system type for home or business, professional solar panel installation should be your priority.

Solar Boost makes sure that you always have it both ways.

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Why Go for Solar Boost?

Solar Boost is a trusted name in the solar business landscape of Malaysia. Supplying the best solar panel brands in the market, the company ensures that you find the right solar system for your specific application.

Solar Boost also guarantees seamless installation and proper maintenance of all your systems.

Whether you prefer an on grid system, off grid solar installation, or a hybrid system for your household or commercial facility, Solar Boost is the solar power company you need in Malaysia.

  • Best Solar Panels Brands

  • Flexible and Expandable Solar Energy Systems

  • Professional Installers

  • Reliable Maintenance Team

  • Wide Availability Across Malaysia

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For Your Solar System Needs, Get in Touch with Solar Boost Now

Solar Boost is your one-stop shop for anything and everything solar in Malaysia. We can do the hard work for you — from solar equipment supply to solar panel installations and maintenance.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of a solar power system. Invest in the best solar panels. Contact us at Solar Boost today.