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With the Malaysian government encouraging a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, solar panels in Penang are also growing in preference across residences as well as commercial and industrial facilities.

Whether you’re a homeowner planning to put up your own residential solar system or a business operator looking for sustainable commercial solar power systems, this is the place to be. Solar Boost can help you decide on the right system according to your location, budget, or solar output requirements.

Solar Boost can help you install the right systems at reasonable solar panel prices. We also carry a selection of solar system essentials such as various types of solar inverters and solar charge controllers.

Installing the Right System for your Solar Panels in Penang

Choosing a reliable solar panel installer for your solar energy system in Malaysia is just as important as buying the right solar panels in Penang. Although you can always install a DIY solar panel in Malaysia, a professional installation company will always have several benefits over a self-installed system.

One of these benefits is helping you choose the system that works best for your setup and energy needs. If you operate your own solar PV system for the home, you may not need a large- sized system. However, if you’re going to power several buildings and lots of equipment, you may need to choose a bigger system size.

Just because a specific on grid system or a more flexible hybrid system works efficiently within a specific property doesn’t always mean that it should work well for yours, too.

With a reliable supplier or installation company to guide you, you will end up with a solar panel installation that gives you better advantages compared to other systems.

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