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From residences to commercial and industrial installations, the applications of a solar photovoltaic system are vast and diverse in Malaysia. One of the areas in the country where solar energy systems are gaining a strong foothold is Kota Kinabalu.

If you’re planning to use solar panels in Kota Kinabalu instead of relying solely on a public utility grid, then Solar Boost is the best place for you.

Solar Boost specializes in the supply of quality solar PV system products and the delivery of prompt and professional maintenance services.

We have the solar panels brands and solar panel manufacturers ready and available for you.

Planning to go solar on Kota Kinabalu? Let Solar Boost be your trusted partner today.

Maintenance and Repairs for Solar Panels in Kota Kinabalu

Although the most reliable brands of solar PV systems in Malaysia can withstand the toughest conditions for as long as 25 years, your systems may require periodic maintenance and possible repairs. These maintenance checks are often done to ensure that your solar panels in Kota Kinabalu are running at full and consistent efficiency. Depending on the upgrades you have done on your home solar system or commercial solar power, you may need additional devices on your solar energy system. Whether its large-storage

batteries or the right types of inverters, you need a supplier you can count on in Malaysia or anywhere else.

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A good solar system always begins with the right kinds of product, supplier, and installer. If you’re looking for a company you can rely on, talk to us.

Solar Boost is your trusted name in solar products, brands, and installation. And should your solar panels in Kota Kinabalu require maintenance, we can do it, too!

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