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Inverters perform an all-too-important job when it comes to making a solar panel installation work. Without the inverter’s function at converting DC electricity from the solar panels into AC electricity, a solar power system will not be able to power electronic devices, appliances, and office or industrial equipment. The most common inverter type for a solar installation in Malaysia is the string solar inverter.

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String Inverter vs Central Inverter vs Multi String Inverter

As if solar power systems are not confusing enough, consumers are often left to deal with the subject on inverters. With various types of solar inverters available, how do you know which one to choose?

Other than string solar inverters, there are also central inverters, and multi-string inverters, as well as micro inverters. String solar inverters are among the most commonly used for a solar power system in Malaysia. It is termed as such because the inverter is designed to work for a string of panels or an entire solar array.

Multi-string inverters work for more than one string of panels, usually for two or three at a time. Most of these solar power inverters are equipped with individual MPPTs or Maximum Power Point Trackers. Micro inverters are created to function according to each solar panel, and not for an entire string or array. As for the central inverter’s definition, it is ideal for expansive solar arrays usually found in industrial and commercial projects.

String solar inverters are popular due to their efficiency, low expense, and flexible components. It is also permissible to install more than one string inverter for large-sized installations.

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