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If you’re looking not just for the benefits of solar energy systems but also for government incentives that encourage the use of renewable energy types, a solar PV system can give you the advantages you desire. One of these incentive systems is the Net Energy Metering scheme in Malaysia.

Solar Boost can help you connect to the right solar panels brands and in choosing a reliable solar panel installer. To benefit from a working incentive system, you need to put up your own solar power system first, whether as a homeowner or a commercial/industrial facility owner. But what exactly is NEM? Is net metering good?

Understanding NEM — What Exactly Is It?

NEM or Net Energy Metering is a scheme that allows owners of solar power systems to export excess energy to the utility grid so that every kilowatt hour exported will be offset against a kilowatt hour of grid electricity consumption. Instead of being paid a displaced cost, consumers will be able to generate substantial amount of savings in electricity for on grid solar systems.

Net Metering 101 — How NEM Works

For many consumers who are unfamiliar yet with net metering, it’s crucial to understand how it works. How to calculate net metering in terms of its savings and benefits? To be able to take advantage of this scheme, you must be a registered customer of TNB in Malaysia and SESB of Sabah and FT Labuan. There are guidelines which must be followed, specifically in the use of solar photovoltaic systems. As a consumer, you will be obliged to use the solar energy generated from your systems; however, any excess can be transported to the grid for a benefit.


The clear advantage of the Net Metering Tariff in Malaysia is that it produces electricity savings both for domestic consumers and business or industrial operators. Solar installation costs have also decreased significantly, making these systems attainable for most consumers.

Maximum Demand

The type of consumer and system capacity determines the maximum demand for each installed solar PV system in Malaysia. For example, domestic consumers operating a single phase system are given maximum capacity of 12kWp. Non-domestic systems may rely on a certain percentage of the maximum demand or present transformer net energy metering Malaysia rate.

Tax Incentives

Incentives are available to NEM eligible consumers through the Green Technology Incentive until the year 2020. This initiative is carried out by MIDA or the Malaysia Investment Development Authority. A Net Metering application can be done conveniently through the eNem system.

Take Advantage of the Net Energy Metering Tariff in Malaysia Starting Today

Here at Solar Boost, we can help you install your own solar power system in Malaysia whether for residential or commercial applications. Interested in the net energy metering scheme? Contact us at Solar Boost so we can get started on your own solar panel installation today.